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03:37, 2008-Aug-12 .. 0 comments .. Link

One of the most mysterious cultures ever to have emerged is the Chinese culture. There are a lot of reasons why this culture has gained respect and among them we can name their organization that has been a characteristic from ancient times, their achievements, the speed of progress and many others.I for one would even state that these traits are deeply related. First of all, organization is the cornerstone for any great achievement, not to mention progress. In essence, progress means change, the replacement of one thing with a better one.Perhaps the adaptability of the Chinese people has also led to this fast progress. One of the oldest classic texts in Chinese culture is I ching, also known as the ???book of change???. Ancient Chinese customs and traditions are transposed into the text that speaks of cosmology.Even though this was practiced in China thousands of years ago, modern society has embraced this part of the Chinese culture just as easy as the Tarot or other mystical practices. I ching has a lot of benefits, which has led to the rapid growth in popularity.I ching is considered a tool that examines how someone responds to any of the processes occurring in the universe at a given time. Given that the writers of these ancient texts have studied a lot of the aspects of the surrounding environment, their work is now meant to reveal to us lots of data and reasons that would have been otherwise hidden from our sights.An I ching pendant has Hebrew engravings that quote King Solomon. These engravings are meant to teach us about our place and how small are we compared to the universe, the cyclic nature of all things, but they also offer the knowledge that can be used to understand out existence better.The I ching pendant found on the website offers its wearer the ability to obtain great power and knowledge in life. These traits are meant to improve our daily lives, because we learn to accept change and progress, thus becoming stronger. Another pendant found on this website that has similar meanings and powers is Odin???s knot.You may wonder how a symbol from ancient Chinese culture is connected to a symbol that comes from ancient Norse beliefs. The Chinese symbol stands as a statement for their belief of the cyclic nature of things as well as great knowledge. Odin???s knot, through its design, makes the exact same statement.Odin, the chief god of Norse paganism, sacrificed himself in his quest for knowledge and wisdom. Odin???s knot, a symbol comprising three interlocking triangles, makes reference to rebirth and reincarnation, a popular belief in Nordic mythology. These two significances make the two symbols closely related even though they are found in cultures in opposite parts of the world.Remember the website mentioned afore if you are interested in beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewellery representing Odin???s knot or I ching. This website is the first place to look when it comes to mystical symbols from cultures around the world.
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