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03:36, 2008-Aug-12 .. 0 comments .. Link

Many of you may wonder what I ching means. In order for me to explain, we need to go back to the beginnings. In ancient times, Chinese people started to study the aspects of nature, the cyclic nature of the stars, the animal and human world and many other things like that. Based on their research they created a system using 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams to show the interaction that take place in different life fields.The result is considered a useful tool. Given that in the universe countless processes take place at the same time, the I ching tool can be used to examine how a human being responds to those processes, thus determining the position of that human being in the whole.I ching is also spelled Yi Jing. The meaning of the first word ???Yi??? as an adjective is ???simple??? or ???easy???, while as a verb it is ???to change???. In this phrase ???Jing??? makes reference to a classic text that depicts that things will not change with the passing of time. By analyzing the words we can determine that this symbol encompasses three meanings ease or simplicity, persistency and variability.Even though the origins of this symbol go back about 5 millennia, the recent history of the I ching began a few decades ago, when it started to be adopted in the modern cultures. Believers consider this symbol as a source of wisdom and inspiration, something that can help us make decisions, predicting eventual outcomes to present situations.Because of its powerful meanings, I ching is a topic in many discussions today, along with a lot other symbols from ancient cultures. Because of their believed hidden powers, people not only discuss about them, but they also use them to improve their lives. And it works too!You probably read this article and think I am crazy. But hear me out first and then draw your conclusions. The internet is the best source of information today, so this should be the first thing I should include in my discussion. But where should I start?The symbols I???m talking about work if they are worn, and the best way you can wear a symbol is as a jewellery piece. Many jewelry websites have created a separate section where people can comment on their products so others can see. This is called a jewelry blog.A jewelry blog is one of the best sources you should start your search. These separate sections are meant to explain as well as express the improvements in the beneficiaries??? lives ever since they have purchased the items we are talking about.While you can call me crazy for believing in the powers of these jewelry pieces, one visit to the jewelry blog and you will see that I???m not the only one with this opinion. Can you state that all the people that believe in the same things are crazy?And don???t think that a jewelry blog is created to market the website. This is the place where you can find negative comments on the products, if this should be the case. It is meant to inform the other visitors about the benefits of the products.
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